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Water pump generators

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Farming in Kenya can be a challenging task, especially when it comes to irrigation. With the unpredictable weather patterns and inadequate rainfall, farmers need to find alternative ways to ensure that their crops receive enough water to thrive. One of the most popular irrigation methods is the use of water pump generators.

Water pump generators are critical components of any irrigation system especially because of the lack of power near water sources like rivers, dams, and reservoirs. As such, many farmers in Kenya depend on the use of water pumps which have a generator that provides required power to move the water. These water pump generators are most available as either diesel or petrol water pump generators.

We have supplied farmers with water pump generators for many years now and as such we now which products are best for you. Over the years we have established sound business relationships with renowned manufacturers to enable us provide you with nothing but the best products. With our water pump generators, you can control the amount of water your crops receive leading to higher yields and better quality produce.

While there are different types of water pump generators available in the market, our diesel and petrol water pumps are the most preferred. This is because of the unavailability of mains power sources near where water sources are.

Why should you rely on our water pump generators for your irrigation?

Besides being able to provide power at remote sites to pump water, our water pump generators are also a hit because of the following;

Versatility – You could be buying this pump for irrigation purposes only, but it is good to know that it can be used for other purposes such as draining flooded areas, filling up or emptying fish ponds or swimming pools and so much more. As such, you can make an extra coin when such opportunities occur in your neighborhood.

Reliability – Been an experienced supplier of water pump generators means we know which products are the best in the market. We also keep searching for new and innovative products that are offering better technology to enhance reliability, usability and performance. As such, we guarantee that you will get nothing but the best from us.

Portability – You can easily move our water pumps from one position to another. They are lightweight and come with an outer metallic frame that makes it easy to carry the pumps around. Also the engine, and other components are sturdy meaning there aren't any parts that wobble during transport. This also allows you to irrigate any part of your farm without having to install a permanent irrigation system.

Durability – Our diesel and petrol water pump generators are built to last. The materials and components used are tough and able to withstand harsh conditions and brute use. Further, the workmanship is excellent ensuring that your generator will not break down quickly.

CostEffective – As stated earlier, we are always on the lookout for the most innovative products in the market that adopt new technology to make the pumps better. As such, our diesel and petrol water pumps are high efficient and therefore very cost effective to operate. Further, they do not require a lot of maintenance which saves you money. Consider buying our water pump generators if you want to pocket more money at the end of each season.

Affordable water pump generators in Kenya

Besides from all the above benefits of our pumps, many people opt to use them because of how affordable they are. Regardless of where you are in the country, we are able to provide you with the best diesel generator water pump price. Our water pump generators are available in different sizes for different power options. The bigger more powerful generators cost more than their smaller counterparts.

Further, the cost of the generator is affected by the performance. The performance can be categorized into four as;

  • Low water volume, highpressure
  • Low water volume, low pressure
  • High water volume, high pressure
  • High water volume, low pressure

The high water volume and high pressure water generators cost more than all the rest because with them you are able to move more water per given time to the required destination. The high pressure ensures there is proper distribution of water around the crops and thus water is used better around the farm.

We have a range of diesel water pump generators in all the four categories above ranging in price from as low as 48,000 Kshs all the way to about 80,000 KShs. When choosing a water pump generator, you need to know the requirements of your irrigation system. You do not want to buy the cheapest pump only to find that it doesn't meet the needs of your system. Also, if you have just a small greenhouse or farm to irrigate, buying the big and powerful generator might not be ideal because it will be underutilized on your farm.

We are here therefore to ensure you get value for your money in the following ways;

  • our products are high quality and therefore last long
  • our water pump generators require minimal maintenance keeping costs down
  • we offer guidance to our farmers before they invest to ensure they get the right system for their needs
  • we offer the best prices in the market ensuring you get value for your money.
  • Our products come with leading industry guaranties and warranties for peace of mind

We specialize in sales and supply of water pump generators that are ideal for irrigation. As such, we have chosen our products carefully to ensure they are best suited for this niche. What this means for you is that you will get a product that was designed, tested and made to do what you will be using it for. This means you will enjoy optimal performance and the best results for your investment. Take the guess work out of your investment journey today by opting to work with us. Our products are here to help you go to the next level in your farming.