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Irrigation water pumps

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For successful farming in Kenya, irrigation is a necessity. Whether you are farming in the dry regions or you don't want to be limited to the unreliable rain seasons, irrigation is the way to go. When setting up an irrigation system for your farm, you will definitely need an irrigation water pump. Irrigation water pumps help you to move water from the source to your farm with ease when required.

We are the leading company in Kenya in supply of superior quality irrigation water pumps. We have pumps that will cater to all your needs and at the most affordable prices ever. Farmers in Kenya no longer have to suffer high investments and operation costs in farming. We have ensured that your irrigation systems will be affordable to install and cheap to maintain.

Types of irrigation water pumps on sale

Irrigation water pumps can be categorized into different types based on their placement and power source. In terms of placement, there are either; submersible or surface irrigation pumps. Submersible pumps are completely submerged in water for them to pump the water to the surface. Surface pumps on the other hand are not.

When categorized according to the power source we have either electric, solar or fuel powered irrigation water pumps. For most farmers in Kenya, fuel powered irrigation pumps are the most common. This is because most farmers use river and stored rain water to irrigate their crops. Usually there are no electricity sources near such water sources.

Furthermore, fuel powered irrigation water pumps are easier to use, highly affordable and cheap to maintain. In case of damage, they are also very cheap to replace.

Diesel irrigation water pumps

Diesel water pumps are the most common types of water pumps used for irrigation in Kenya. Here are some of the reasons why;

  • They have high power capabilities and therefore they can move large amounts of water with ease.
  • They are also ideal for many farmers because diesel is more affordable than petrol in many parts of Kenya.
  • Diesel irrigation water pumps are easy to maintain.
  • All of our diesel irrigation water pumps are self priming.
  • Our diesel water pumps are highly efficient ensuring low operation expenses.

Petrol irrigation water pumps

Petrol irrigation water pumps are designed just like the diesel pumps but they are made to operate on petrol. Petrol costs more than diesel which means you will be spending a fraction more for each amount of water moved.

Petrol water pumps are also not as strong as diesel counterparts and therefore may require a booster pump. Their operation is usually smoother and they are quieter than diesel pumps.

Important considerations to have in mind when choosing irrigation water pumps

Flow rate - the flow rate determines the amount of water you will move per given time. The higher the given flow rate, the more water the pump is able to move per specific duration. Do not worry if you do not know how to determine the flow rate suitable for your needs. We have a team of experts who will do the necessary calculations to ensure you buy a pump that will meet your needs.

Water pressure - the pressure determines how far water can be moved. A higher pressure rating means water can be moved far. The pressure rating is given in PSI.

Max Head- this feature determines how high or the vertical distance the pump is able to move water. This will determine how far away from the source you can get water. It is therefore a very important factor to have in mind. This factor is directly related to the maximum pressure of the water pump.

All of the three factors above are directly related to the power rating of the pump. A high power rating means you will enjoy better flow rate, high pressure and max head will also be high. If your needs are very high, then you should consider directly shopping for high pressure water pumps that can be used for irrigation. We stock high pressure water pumps too.

Just like the other pumps, the high pressure water pumps are also available in petrol and diesel configurations. There are also electric ones. The choice here depends on the power source available near the water source.

We have been in this business for long, and we know the features and characteristics that make a pump durable, efficient and safe. As such, we stock brands and products that we have taken time to research, and those that have been tried and proven to offer all the characteristics our clients come looking for. If you want to succeed in your farming, you need a partner you can rely on to provide you with the best products for irrigation. You can trust us to provide you with the most innovative and efficient irrigation water pumps in the market.