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Dam liners

Dam liners
Dam liners
Dam liners

If you want the best high density polyethylene dam liners, you will find them right here. Our black dam liners are high quality and UV treated to ensure they last for a long time. Water harvesting is a no brainer for farmers in many parts of the country. You can use the water harvested during rains for irrigation later on, or even practice some fish farming on the side. Whatever the case, we have just the right products to guarantee you success.

Our dam liners are in most water reservoirs and fish ponds in the country. They are used to line the hole on the ground to avoid loss of water through seepage into the ground. Our products can be used anywhere in the country regardless of the weather and soil type.

What type of dam liner is best for you?

The function of the dam liner is simple, but not all dam liners are the same. Dam liners come with different thicknesses (gauge) to cater for different types of reservoirs. For instance the smallest gauge is suitable for smooth and shallow reservoirs. The thick gauges on the other hand are suitable for deep reservoirs and in rough holes that can easily tear through the light gauges.

Our dam liners are made from pure materials to ensure longevity. The high gauges come with a guarantee lasting for well over 30 years. The dam liners price in Kenya depends entirely on the gauge of the dam liner with the thick gauges costing more than the thin ones.

We stock dam liners in rolls of 100M length and 8M width. The thicknesses available are 0.5mm, 0.75mm and 1mm.

Besides the gauge, dam liners also differ by the material used to make them. Dam liners are made of either polyvinyl chloride (PVC), low density polyethylene material (LDPE) and HDPE. The latter material is the best and it is what we supply.

Benefits of HDPE dam liners over the rest of the materials

  • Dense
  • Tough
  • Lasts longer
  • Has low elasticity therefore it is best for big volume reservoirs.

Custom dam liners in Kenya

We offer custom dam liner services to meet the varying needs of our clients. You only need to send us the dimensions and we will cut and weld the dam liners to your specifications. Welding can be done on site for the small gauge dam liners, but for the big gauges we do it at our facility since special equipment are required.

We do this to ensure that your reservoir will be 100% leak proof. We leave nothing to chance so you can rest assured the water you harvest will not be lost through seepage.

Also, since our services are customized to your needs, you are able to enjoy the best dam liners price in Kenya. You will not pay for material you do not need and our prices are inclusive of welding and installation. Why pay more? Give us a call today to get a quote based on your dimensions.