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Anti insect net

Anti insect net

Use of chemicals to control pests and insects is a major issue for most farmers in the country. This is because of three main factors. First, there is a major shift by consumers to organic produce which has been grown with minimal or no chemical use at all. Secondly, use of chemicals causes damage to the soil and the environment. Finally use of chemicals is expensive in the long run and breeds dependency on the chemicals.

To counter use of chemicals, more farmers in Kenya are now depending on anti insectnets. To offer protection, the crops are surrounded by the net on the sides and top to avoid insects from reaching the crops. Our anti insect nets have been tested and proven to offer 97% protection against all types of insects like caterpillars, worms, grasshoppers, moths, butterflies, armyworms and so much more.

Our anti insect nets do not only offer physical protection from the insects, they also allow natural light to pass through and ensure there is natural flow of air around the crops for optimal growth. We can guarantee that with our nets you will not need to use any chemicals on your crops and your yields will not be affected since our nets provide an ideal microclimate for optimal growth.

That is not all, the anti insect net also provides protection against strong winds, hail and rain thereby promoting proper growth especially when crops are young and tender. Our anti insect nets do not only shelter the crops against insects, they also keep off birds, rabbits and deer among other small animals. Further, they prevent the spread of diseases from other crops since interaction is reduced.

It is time to enhance your farming endeavors and keep costs down. Place your order of anti insect nets today.